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Discover the heart of Coast Care Ltd. (formerly Sunshine Coast Senior Care), where family values meet a legacy on the Coast. Meet the team behind Coast Care

Ole Johansen

Ole Johansen

Legacy of Ole Johansen: Champion Canadian ski jumper in the 1940’s, Ole Johansen was a recognizable & loved character on the Coast and left his mark on Porpoise Bay campground, crafting the sites and trails through the forest.

Compassionate Vision: After Ole’s passing in Sechelt in 2008, at the age of 97, his caregiver & daughter-in-law, Donna, saw the need for senior care in the community. Sunshine Coast Senior Care was born from her commitment.

Passing the Torch: Retired and with a new name—Coast Care Ltd.—Donna’s daughter, Lisa McGregor, now leads the business, continuing the legacy of care for local seniors. 

“Great art comes from great pain.” Christopher Zara, Tortured Artists

Meet The Team Behind Coast Care…

Meet Lisa…
A Life Shaped by Love and Loss: Lisa’s journey took an unexpected turn when she was widowed at only 34-years-old, leaving her to navigate the challenges of raising two sons on her own. This profound loss became the catalyst for a new perspective on life—one centered around the significance of creating lasting memories rather than accumulating possessions.

A Philosophy of Living Fully: Inspired by the belief that life is a collection of moments, Lisa advocates for living fully and embracing every opportunity to create memories, laugh, love, and dance. This philosophy shapes her approach to both business & caregiving, emphasizing the importance of genuine connections and shared moments.

Carrying the Torch from Donna: With an extensive education and experience in business management, human resources, and accounting/finance, including in the health services and addictions fields, Lisa proudly carries the torch from her mother. Donna’s dedication to senior care and community support laid the foundation for Coast Care Ltd. Lisa is committed to continuing this legacy of compassion and excellence.

Mission to Share a Vision: Lisa is on a mission to pass this vision to her staff and clients at Coast Care Ltd. The essence of her message is simple yet powerful: prioritize the moments that matter, for they are the true treasures in life and beyond.

Caring for Each Other: Lisa understands the significance of caring for one another, not just as a duty but as a fundamental expression of humanity. She believes that genuine care begins with the well-being of her staff. Making their welfare a top priority ensures they can, in turn, provide unparalleled care and attention to the clients they serve.

A Commitment to Excellence: With a commitment to excellence and a passion for making a positive impact, Lisa McGregor stands at the forefront of Coast Care Ltd., carrying the torch from her mom and steering the organization toward a future where compassion, connection, and cherished moments define the essence of caregiving.

Join Lisa and the Coast Care family in celebrating the richness of life and the joy found in every shared moment.

Lisa McGregor - CFO/Director

Lisa McGregor, CFO/Director, Coast Care Ltd.

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