being there for ageing parents when you cannot be

Being There for Aging Parents When You Can’t Be

We all worry about our aging parents being lonely or bored at home, but life and distance can make it difficult and stressful to ensure they are taken care of, healthy and happy?

Have you ever considered hiring an in-home care company to help your parents and give you peace of mind they are not just surviving, but thriving in their golden years? Coast Care (formerly Sunshine Coast Senior Care) can schedule regular visits with your loved one for companionship and activities, in addition to their more intimate, technical needs like hygiene needs, post surgical care,  medication management, etc… for seniors who need some extra support and encouragement.

Just a few of the benefits of helping your parents with in-home support:

Companionship: Seniors who live alone or have limited social interactions can experience loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Coast Care matches your parents with a friendly and caring companion who visits them regularly and engages them in conversation, games, hobbies, and other interests. Your parents will feel more connected, valued, and happy with a companion by their side.

Activities: Seniors who are inactive or have cognitive decline can suffer from physical and mental health problems. Coast Care offers a variety of activities that are tailored to your parents\’ needs and preferences. These activities can include exercise, gardening, music, art, puzzles, memory games, and more. These activities can help your parents stay fit, sharp, creative, and entertained.
Peace of mind: As a family caregiver, you might feel stressed or guilty about not being able to spend enough time with your parents or provide them with the care they deserve, especially if you don’t live close by. Hiring in-home care for your mom and/or dad can ease your burden and give you peace of mind. You can trust that your parents are in good hands with our trained and compassionate staff. You can also communicate with your parents\’ companion and get regular updates on their well-being.  They can even arrange regular visits on Zoom, so you and your family can all feel more connected.

Holistic in-home care is more than just a service; It\’s a way of showing your parents that you love them and want them to enjoy their golden years. Contact us today to find out how we can help your parents live happier and healthier lives.

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