christmas time blues for seniors

How to Help Cure Christmas Blues

The holiday season can often bring about feelings of loneliness or sadness for various reasons. Combating Christmas loneliness and ensuring the well-being of aging parents while respecting their independence can be challenging.

Here are some suggestions to help alleviate Christmas blues:


Send Some Christmas Cheer
In the spirit of the season, our goal is to ensure nobody is left alone!

Are you or someone you care about on the Sunshine Coast (between Gibsons and Sechelt) struggling with loneliness, in the hospital, or stuck at home and isolated over the Holidays? We can send someone from our Care Team with some Christmas Cheer and a treat to make their day a little brighter. We could even pick up something special from you to deliver to them personally.


Coast Care Christmas Cheer visits are 100% by donation; only pay what you are able to. This is our gift to you and the Sunshine Coast community.


Spaces are limited and expected to fill up quickly so contact us to arrange a Christmas Cheer Visit at: Or call 1-888-383-4569 ext. 1


Create a Festive AtmosphereHelp decorate their living space for the holidays. Creating a festive environment has a range of positive effects, from improving mood and morale to fostering social connections and promoting creativity. Include your elderly family members in the planning process for Christmas activities, ask for their input on decorations, meals, and traditions, making them feel an integral part of the celebration. Creating sensory-rich experiences with festive scents, textures, and visual elements can be particularly enjoyable for elderly individuals and add to the overall holiday ambiance.


Social Activities
Engaging in social activities can serve as a positive distraction from negative thoughts and feelings associated with loneliness. Plan activities that can involve multiple generations, such as board games, puzzles, or storytelling sessions. This can foster a sense of togetherness and creates positive interactions


Community Events
Check for local community events that are senior-friendly. Many communities organize holiday activities that cater to various age groups. Attending community events, or participating in local senior activities can also shift focus away from loneliness and contribute to an improved mindset. Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre and Gibsons Senior Society have excellent social events and offer support for seniors on the Sunshine Coast.


Adapt Traditions
Make adjustments to traditions to accommodate the needs and preferences of elderly family members. This might include adjusting the timing of events, incorporating their favorite activities, or finding ways to make certain traditions more accessible.


Share Stories and Memories
Reflecting on past holidays can be a meaningful and enjoyable activity for both the elderly and younger generations. Sharing personal stories brings joy, laughter, and entertainment to both the storyteller and the audience. This can help deepen relationships by providing insights into one another’s lives, promoting mutual understanding and respect.


Explore Virtual Connections
Virtual connections can be a great way to combat isolation, it allows everyone to connect, share holiday wishes, and feel part of the celebration. Help seniors stay in contact with friends and family by showing them how to make video calls, bridging the distance and making conversations more personal. Setting up regular calls or check-ins to share updates can help you stay involved in each other’s lives.


Respect Independence
Recognize and respect their desire for independence. Be mindful of each individual’s preferences and comfort levels. Some may prefer a quieter celebration, while others may enjoy a livelier atmosphere. Remember that respecting the independence of elderly individuals involves balancing support with autonomy. It’s essential to recognize their abilities and preferences while being there to assist when needed.


​It’s important to recognize that feelings of sadness during Christmas are valid, and it’s okay to acknowledge the emotions and feelings that the holidays can bring. Human connection and social interaction are fundamental to our well-being, just by them knowing you are there and you care can be enough. Reaching out is often the most effective way to combat their loneliness.

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